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2019/5/6 「知られざる、でもちょっと知られて来たかもしれないアメリカの即興音楽家たち track list selected by bummey kataoka」 

track list selected by bummey kataoka 

1:Alan Sondheim 「Ritual-All-7-70」(ESP Disk’ 1048)
b-1:777 bansari,trumpet 1/55
b-2:778 xylophone,trumpet,bass,drums,vocal 3/07
b-3:779 koto 2/30
Ruth Ann Hutchinson(vo),Chris Mattheson(b),Barry Sugarman(tabla,bongo),J.P.(ds),
Robert Poholek(cor,tp), Alan Sondheim(xylophone,as,koto,bansari,etc.)
rec:January 1967

2:Alan Sondheim 「T’Other Little Tune」(ESP Disk’ 1082)
b-1:Think Synk 44
Alan Sondheim(moog,hawaiian guitar,etc.),June Sondheim(p,voice), Paul Philips(tp)
Gregert Johnson(fl,piccolo,moog),Joel Zabor(ds,table,moog)

3:Phil Yost「Bent City」(Takoma C-1016)
a-1:Ellipse for Bluejay
a-2:Solace Stone Somewhere
a-3:Bent City I
Phil Yost(ss,fl,el-g,b,maracas,tamborine)
rec:a-1 January 7,1967 / a-2 June 23,1967 / a-3 July 29,1966

4:Charlie Nothing「The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing」(Takoma C-1015)
a-1:The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing
Charlie Nothing(sax), ?(per)

5:Charlie Nothing「Inside/Outside」(Everit Enterprize #1)
Charlie Nothing(fl),Tox Drohar(ds)

6:Moolah「Woe Ye Demons Possessed」(Atman M-1)
a-1:Crystal Waters
a-2:Terror is Real
Walter Burns, Maurice Roberson(performer)

7:Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson「Daily Dance」(New Frontiers / one)
a-1:Daily Dance
Doug Snyder(el-g), Bob Thompson(ds,per)

8:Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band「One」(Nocturne NRS-302)
b-1:Soon After the Beginning
Lee Charlton, Bryce Rohde, Richard Waters, Bruce Cale, David Wheat, Roy Harte,
Wolfgang Melz(performer)