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written by Elliott Sharp "July 31 - Three Solos and a Duo - Synesthesia - Brooklyn"
July 31 - Three Solos and a Duo - Synesthesia - Brooklyn

This evening was curated by Andrew Neumann, a composer and visual artist working with electronics and radically edited video. I hadn't known of this venue before but after an hour's journey involving subway and bus, was surprised to find a Tokyo-style "live house" run by Mio Nakai in the northern reaches of Bushwick in a mixed industrial/residential building. It opened in February. There was a large bar festooned with interesting beverages, utensils, and tchachkes, a sound-system, and a significant projection screen. Great to see fellow participants David Linton, the duo of Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen, and Andrew himself. The other sound checks had already been completed so I quickly set up my bass clarinet and Eventide PitchFactor and got my levels thanks to the assistance of engineer Doc. Andrew began the evening with sample-based electronic music that accompanied and extrapolated on what may be described as structuralist videos: fragmented, looped, mirrored, layered - hypnotic, and reminding me of the sadly under-appreciated filmmaker Ernie Gehr. David Linton next presented what he briefly described as a "play", an audiovisual performance within a meta-work involving a man playing guitar and singing. One heard crunching chords with billowing echoes and, moreover, songs: one by Brian Eno, a hint of Skip James, and an original. David's performance is always multi-layered, the surface giving hints of the processes within (and certainly not laying them out in the open) and yielding results that are passionate and intense. Dafna and Hans then presented a wide-ranging improvisation, she using her voice with laptop processing, he with a Buchla Music Easel. Up next was my 25-minute bass clarinet improvisation in darkness with sounds ranging from purely acoustic to heavily processed and amplified and occasionally looped; an underlying pulse continued throughout, sometimes explicit, sometimes not. Andrew closed the evening with a series of short processed sequences taken from a Fred Astaire movie featuring quick cuts and manipulation paralleling the work of Martin Arnold. The vibe in the room was fantastic boding well for this venue.